Buying A Home: How To Start Guide

Many are unsure of the process of buying as the stress test and qualifying rules have changed. We’re here to help guide you through. We’ve outlined the general process that you can expect to go through when you’re buying your first home. Call us to assist you in making it happen.
How much do I need to borrow?
Working with what we know about the reality of your financial picture we can access. Basics such as income and monthly expenses are the beginnings to building a financial picture for the lender. Knowing your budget means you can focus on the properties that you can afford and not waste time on those that are out of reach.
The extra costs when buying a property
Legal fees, building inspections, borrowing costs, insurance costs. Any potential renovations or furniture purchases you might need. These costs are more or less a part of all home purchases. Don’t get discouraged; there are options to minimizing these costs.
The First Home Owners Grant
We all know life isn’t perfect math, getting a foot in the door can be difficult. Learn how to take advantage of public and corporate grants available to first time buyers. Check out what’s available locally and see if your eligible..
Understanding loans
There are several types of loans that you can choose from, with pros and cons for each. Become familiar with these to choose the right one for you.